Everyone wants to have good health because no one can enjoy the colors of life without a good healthy. It matters to everyone. Those people who have not got a good health, knows better the importance of a good health. You can understand it by analyzing that when you get sick than you feel that your tongue don’t get the food flavor and you don’t like anything which you loves in good health condition. In a life everyone faces bad health due to many reasons some disturb the sexual health of the people some disturb the mental health or some disturb the physical health. 

There are so many treatment have been introduced in order to cure the patient from deceases or problems some women faces sexual health problems for them there are many treatments are available in the world like o shot for incontinence or laser vaginal tightening  etc. As the time passed researcher find new ways of treatment for problems and deceases. 

No one wants to go to doctor. People want to avoid doctors as much as possible. So, they try to make themselves fit by doing exercises. Some do body building exercises which normally mans do for their fitness and look. These days, people are practicing yoga exercises. Because, they find yoga the easiest exercises which have great impact on human body fitness. So, there are so many exercises which categorize as for beginners, intermediate and advance level exercises. Yoga has many exercises which cure the deceases and problems of the people also. For instance, if a person has a problem in their posture then some yoga exercises are there for them or if someone faces difficulties in the respiration than yoga also provide such a nice exercises which cure the problem without using any medicine or medical treatment. Most of the people of the world has problem of eye vision so they use glasses or lenses in order to view. Yoga exercises are also very useful in eye fitness. People can make their vision better by doing yoga eyes exercises. 

Some people believe that good food can take them away from the doctors. People focus on the food like fruits, vegetables, red meat, white meat etc. They avoid unnecessary food items like fast foods etc. Some people have to maintain their voices so, they use those food which don’t effect negatively to their voices.