As we know that there is lots of antivirus software are working in the market like AVG, AVAST, EST NODE, 360 etc. Some software is best in removing the virus and some are good at best detecting. This software is known also anti malware software is used to prevent and detecting and removing the malicious virus. The basic Antivirus invention was to detect and remove the virus from the computer but after sometime other kinds of malware start to popup. These antivirus software prevent the computer from backdoors, rootkits, Trojan horse, keyloggers, ransomware, malicious browse helper, dialers, spyware, adware, fraud tools, spam, malicious URL, scam and phishing attacks, online banking attacks, online identity, social engineering techniques, and advanced persistent thereat and DDOS attack.

The first computer virus was found in 1971 and it was known as the creeper virus.  And it was removed by Reaper program made by ray Tomlinson. It was the first antivirus software but so people knew about this software. Then another virus attacked on computer called Brain appeared in 1986 which spread the infection to other computers. And it is removed by virus software. This antivirus software has evolved and now here are lots of antivirus software who are competing each other. Antivirus price in UAE is very high. It is expensive to buy these software. Every antivirus software has its own detecting method. Let’s see the detection method of antivirus software.

Detection from Sandbox method

This method is just like behavioral detection base method. It executes the program in virtual environment and logs it what action program performs. The behavioral antivirus software identifies the malicious virus with the antivirus software and enables it by verifying the action of the program. This technique is rare now and the solution of this antivirus was slow.

Mining data Techniques

This is latest approach to detect the virus. Data mining technique is used to attempt the classify behavior of the file like other malicious software. This is the series of files feature which can be extracted by file itself.

Heuristic Detection

In some cases virus are refined by other attackers following the single infection and it can grow dozen strains called variants. With this detection the removal of the threats with single virus definition are called generic detection. It is advantage to identify the virus but it could be quicker to detect a virus with generic signature.

These are some detection method that generally used in antivirus software. To know about more detection methods visit our website.